Cathy Fm: * Karena * 74706,2777 To: * Cat * 70267,2177 Cat, For me, it's really quite easy, if he doesn't enjoy something, I get eery little pleasure from it, so I simply don't insist. Of course, those of us who are more sophisticated use electronic kinky contacts (otherwise known as Section 8). Her thighs suddenly clamped so hard on my head my ears rang. Do you like to have your back caressed. " We piled in through the door and Deb and I headed for the master bath while Amy made for the spare. "ooooooohhhhhhhh" I moan at such exquisite torture . It would be interesting to watch someone else and I have heard other people doing it which does turn me on. When women have small breasts I think it is such a waste to wear a bra. I never had a chance to wonder where it all came from, and surely didn't care, as long as I was the recipient. I had 3 orgasms.